How to register a shop

  • Open
    Download Akuree from Google Playstore
  • Sign up
  • Log in again
  • Ignore
    and press MENU

    Press Shop registration

  • Wait for approval.
    You will be notified by SMS
  • Log in again after approval
  • Now you can upload your products.
    To upload products:
    • Open Menu
    • Open My Shop
    • Open Manage Items
    • upload your products one by one
    • Now your customers can order products from your shop
  • Shop owner will get orders directly from customers.
    Shop owner will receive an SMS for each order placed:
    To see order details
    • Open Menu
    • My Shop
    • Open Manage Orders
  • Shop owner can deliver the product(s) at delivery address provided by customer with a reasonable delivery charge.


    Customer can collect product(s) from the shop which will be already packed by the Shopkeeper after receiving the order.

Akuree will not charge any amount neither from the Shopkeeper nor from the Customer.

Initially we are requesting all the grocery and vegetable shop owners to register their shops so that people can easily purchase most essential commodities and get them home delivered or collect them from the shop maintaining social distancing and without standing in long queues.

We are giving a helping hand amids this Corona Pandemic so that people can maintain social distance while purchasing the most essential commodities and will continue to improve our services based on customer's feedback.

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