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Akuree is a platform that can be beneficial for all in a society . In this modern age, technology has been developed all around and our requirements are limitless to make our lives comfortable. Technology brings machineries and when we get used to it then we face problems in maintaining and repairing these machines. At that moment we need experts who can repair & maintain our equipment. Sometime we need electrician, plumber, mason, carpenter and other service assistant to work at our home. But because of our busy schedule we sometime are unable to find out such an assistant in time. At Akuree, any consumer or individual can find assistants for household work easily at their convenience. We do not charge any amount for hiring our assistants. You can bargain and pay our assistants. Akuree also provides a platform for the technicians to get work at the tip of their fingertips. At the same time, this platform can be used as an additional source of income through referral earnings. We are introducing here a self promotional scheme where an introducer can get promotion up to highest level by introducing it to more persons and can earn maximum commission. By just introducing only 10 persons one can earn Rs.468 at first stage. If it grows uniformly every next level maximise the commission up to 10 times. This way one can earn unlimited income by simply registering himself/herself with a payment of Rs.205 only (including transaction charges). We have introduced this earning option just to reduce our advertising expenses to make our application popular. Your active participation is our satisfaction of providing you hassle free services to search your required household assistant/consumer in required field.

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